1608-I IP Deskphone

the 1608-I. Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication including voice and email – and while they require a quality telephone, their telephone use is relatively light or straight-forward in nature. Cubicle workers and sales staff within a retail store are examples of Everyday users for whom the 1608 delivers a productivity-enhancing telephone.
1608-I highlights:
• Supports 8 administrable feature buttons.
• Each button includes dual LED’s (red, green) providing explicit status for the user.

• Includes several fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks including conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute.
• Includes high quality, 2-way speakerphone.
• Supports a broad portfolio of Avaya wired and wireless headsets through its integrated headset jack.
• 100 number capacity contacts and call log applications that can enhance productivity and personalization.
• Context sensitive user interface along with
3 softkeys and a 4-way navigation cluster – ideal for scrolling through the local contacts list or call logs.
• The 3 line by 24 character display is backlit for easier viewing in all lighting conditions.

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