HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series

HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series

The HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series integrates both wireless controller and GbE switch functions. The switch series provides 1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, each supporting up to 30 W of PoE+ and manages IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac APs to deliver unified access, consistent policy and RF optimization for your small to medium branch offices. The HP 830 24-Port PoE+ Unified Wired-WLAN Switch provides two optional 10GbE slots on the rear panel to relieve transmission bottleneck at the core of a WLAN network. The HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series are part of the HPN Mobility enterprise solution.

What’s New

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 2.0 with 3 year 24X7 phone support


Enhanced Performance and Unified Access for Branch Offices.

  • The HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series accommodates the growth of mobile devices by offering unified wired and wireless services in a single device, which can support up to 1000 wireless users and comes with 8 or 24 Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ ports.
  • Supporting Point 1.2: Supports both centralized and distributed forwarding options for unparalleled application performance and WLAN scalability.
  • Offers a self-optimizing wireless network with Wi-Fi Clear Connect RF optimization, automatic interference mitigation and dynamic client load balancing for enhanced connectivity in dense client environments.
  • Supports N+1, N+N redundancy, to provide continuity of services in branch offices.
  • Provides granular access control policies based on Committed Access Rate (CAS), QoS profiles, SSID or access point location for user, application and BYOD initiatives.

Robust Security and Threat Protection.

  • The HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series provides integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention and supports Virtual Service Domains to deploy security policies by department or location.
  • Provides robust security and threat protection with support for embedded or external authentication servers and integrated Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD).
  • Provides role or SSID based access through embedded firewall to protect clients from outside attacks and restrict access to specific network resources.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Simplified Management.

  • The HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series reduces TCO with supports for industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty 2.0 and 3 year 24×7 phone support.
  • Simplifies configuration, management and troubleshooting and policy enforcement for wired and wireless network with HP single management tool.
  • Reduces the cost of ownership by integrating wired and wireless connectivity in a single device eliminating the need to purchase separate wired and wireless access devices.
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