HP Advanced Services zl Module with VMware® vSphere™ Platform













The HP Advanced Services zl Module with VMware vSphere is an industry-standard open architecture platform that provides the capability to host one or multiple applications within the networking infrastructure The solution has its own processor, storage, network interfaces, and memory all interconnected with a network switch ASIC on a single platform that hosts a vitualized environment, helping to ensure maximum switching and multi-application performance while reducing physical footprint, lower power power consumption, and consolidating management. The HP Advanced Services zl Module virtualized platform is installed into a HP 5400zl or8200zl series switch.Using virtualization management tools, applications and services can get installed and configured remotely. With this high degree of flexibility, IT organizations can quickly deploy extended application monitoring to virtually any branch office location.





  • High-performance compute platform
  • Environment for ProCurve ONE applications
  • Two 10-GbE connections to the switch backplane
  • Industry-leading warranty
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