HP M111 Client Bridge Series

HP M111 Client Bridge Series

Legacy client devices can be easily integrated into a wireless LAN (WLAN) using the HP M111 Client Bridge. The M111 Client Bridge can bridge an Ethernet client device running a legacy networking protocol to the WLAN, extending wireless network access to a wide range of DECnet, IPX, AppleTalk, and other devices. An integrated serial to TCP/IP converter enables a TIA-232 asynchronous terminal device to communicate with a compatible station on the network. Strong enterprise-class layered security features, including an IEEE 802.1X supplicant, protect the network from intrusions. Hardware-accelerated encryption provides high performance when using WPA2 (AES), WPA or WEP security.

  • Can connect wired device to a wireless network
  • Single radio
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g
  • Two external antennas
  • Indoor enclosure
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