HP TippingPoint Firewall

HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall

The evolving threat landscape is a security risk to networks and data centers everywhere.
Organizations are losing network visibility and control, as attacks become more sophisticated across
application, device, and data threat vectors. Customers are concerned with enabling productivity
without compromising the data that matters—both inside and outside the organization.

HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) enables you to take back control and proactively
improve your organization’s security posture, without compromising network availability. This new
product line is developed on the proven HP TippingPoint NGIPS engine and delivers reliability, security
effectiveness, ease-of-use, and application visibility and control to address today’s advanced threats.

 Features and benefits

Reliability: Network security does not matter if the network cannot perform to meet user
demand. HP TippingPoint has developed network security devices that have delivered
99.99999 percent customer network uptime nearly continuously.¹ The next-generation firewall
family of products was designed to help ensure the network is there for all transactions, from
day-to-day to the most sensitive data transfers.
Ease-of-use: IT budgets are limited and organizations are understaffed. HP TippingPoint NGFW
can help significantly reduce your operational expenses. It can be installed and deployed in less
than one hour right out of the box with a single management interface that shares network
security policy configurations.² HP TippingPoint NGFW allows customers to create a custom
dashboard and automatic reporting. Our next-generation firewall is designed to be selfsufficient
and allow customers to set-it and forget-it.


Security effectiveness: Security intelligence is only helpful if it stays ahead of threats, and does
not compromise performance. HP TippingPoint is an industry leader in security effectiveness
through the HP TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative Program and the DVLabs security research team,
which has published over 8,600 filters to date. Weekly DVLabs updates help our customers stay
ahead of threats and protect their network by stopping exploits and blocking attacks.
Application visibility and control: Knowing what applications are running on your network
and who is accessing those applications is a critical element of your security strategy. HP
TippingPoint NGFW provides the visibility you need to see and manage the applications running
on your network while also providing the flexibility to set the policy to block and control
undesirable or evasive applications.
Key Features:
• IPv6 ready networking features including link aggregation, OSPF, RIP, BGP and multicast
dynamic routing, and VLAN support.
• Easy deployment in transparent or routed modes.
• 2-node Active-Passive High Availability with state synchronization.
• IPSec Site-to-Site and Client-to-site VPN connectivity.
• Integrated user based policy with integration with Active Directory, LDAP or RADIUS
authentication services.
• Role Based Access Control (RBAC) gives control on who can affect what parts of the device
Certified CEF: The event format complies with the requirements of the HP ArcSight Common
Event Format. The HP ArcSight CEF connector will be able to process the events correctly and
the events will be available for use within HP’s ArcSight product. In addition, the event content
has been deemed to be in accordance with standard SmartConnector requirements. The events
will be sufficiently categorized to be used in correlation rules, reports and dashboards as a
proof-of-concept (POC) of the joint solution.
3 Frost

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